Namotu Island Kite Weeks, August

Back from another incredible few weeks of Ben Wilson Kite Weeks in Fiji. Here are a few photos plus the new clip we shot there to give you an idea of what to expect. Already next year’s trips are selling out but you can join the wait list for cancellations here.

Thanks to everyone plus of course Mandy & Scotty for another incredible year. See you all again in 2017!

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Yoga with the Moon

In this modern age we have cleverly devised a whole realm of entertainment and distractions that prevent us taking even a moment to look inside ourselves, or outside into nature. Where once we trusted in ourselves, we now trust in Google. We are glued to our technology; walking around with our eyes fixed on either our phones or our feet. We are driven to succeed at work, distracted by passing trends and all the time losing touch with even the simplest of things – the pleasure of a simple meal, a smile from a stranger, the sun on our skin. So while we rush onwards without noticing the changing of the seasons or the cycle of the moon, what are we rushing towards? If we cannot enjoy the present, why do we rush headlong into the future?

The physical practise of yoga was designed thousands of years ago as a means to allow ancient yogis to sit comfortably during their long meditations. In fact, the physical practise – asana – was just a small component of yoga! While the modern practise has moved in various directions, most of today’s incarnations still provide a means to delve into one’s self and increase awareness and intuition, an essential ingredient in the true practise of yoga (unity). Some forms of yoga are best suited to different moods, moon phases and seasons and the variation of your practise throughout the year can help you tune into ‘you’ and bring a little more unity and mindfulness to your life.

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