Protein Supplements

For those of us attempting to sculpt our bodies into lean, toned dream machines we may feel pressured to buy a top-of-the-range protein supplement. They promise gains in muscle, loss of fat, increased energy and a whole list of reasons to rush out and buy a 10kg bucket TODAY! The market is flooded with various concoctions touting secret ingredients and formulations (many of which read like a pharmacy textbook), but do we need all this to support our exercise regimes?

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Smoothies: has Instagram turned an innocent meal replacement into a beautiful monster

I’m sure you’ve seen smoothies of all colours, flavours and weird ingredients absolutely everywhere lately, especially on social media. They sure do look incredible! The colours, the crazy toppings all the beautifully styled and layered into a tantalisingly over-filled glass. No Insta-worthy shake is complete without an abstract superfood or unheard-of ingredient  like cacao nibs, bee pollen, Himalayan cherry root, powdered crickets, edible irises, camel milk or dried beetroot… Ok, I made up one of those (yes, just one) but you get the idea – the main criteria of a smoothie (or even better, a smoothie bowl) is dictated by how photogenic it is. Of course it’s great to see people embracing healthy food and making it trendy, but let’s not be fooled by the “health halo” that surrounds some of these foods. Just because you look incredible slurping on a smoothie artwork, perhaps they aren’t all they’re cracked up to be….

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