To Cleanse or Not to Cleanse

In a perfect world we wouldn’t need to detox because we’d eat wonderfully healthy foods all the time, never letting alcohol, processed foods or anything nasty pass our lips. Unfortunately there are times when we’ve overindulged and pay the price by feeling bloated, tired, flabby or stressed.
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When this happens it can be tempting to sign up for a 7 day juice cleanse or a similar starvation-style approach. But these will end up resulting in a loss of lean muscle and thus slowed metabolism. Not only will a fasting style approach diminsh your metabolism and result in yo-yo weight gain, but a reduction in fibre intake will actually reduce your body’s ability to remove toxins and waste. Even when you’re fasting, your body will continue to excrete wastes from other parts of the body (old blood cells and metabolic byproducts). Think of fibre as your intestine’s internal scrubbing brush – without a daily dose you will not remove debris and nasty buildup. That’s why we need to detox with food, protein, and fibre, not just liquids.

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Nutrition Rant.

It seems the whole of the Sunshine Coast, and indeed the country, has been swept up by a wave of Paleo and Crossfit. All of a sudden people are avidly following this new lifestyle, often without considering some fundamental risks. While there are some huge benefits to going Paleo, it’s not all good news; there are limitations to the diet [see Primitive Opinions post] and the potential for injury when Crossfit is used dangerously.

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